Updating Development Database#

Occasionally, the database dump supplied for local development should be refreshed.

This dump is created from the database behind test.pypi.org, not production.

Use pg_dump to create the initial file:

$ pg_dump --no-owner $DATABASE_URL > dev/example.sql

Now create a database locally and load the result:

$ createdb warehouse_dev_dump
$ psql warehouse_dev_dump < dev/example.sql

With the database loaded, run the clean script to remove personal information:

$ psql warehouse_dev_dump < dev/clean.sql

Dump the result, compress it, and clean up:

$ pg_dump --no-owner warehouse_dev_dump > dev/example.sql
$ xz -z -9 dev/example.sql
$ dropdb warehouse_dev_dump

Now commit the result:

$ git checkout -b update_dev_db_dump
$ git add dev/example.sql.xz
$ git commit -m "Update development database dump"