We use Weblate to manage PyPI translations. Visit the Warehouse project on Weblate to contribute.

If you are experiencing issues as a translator, please let us know by opening a translation issue on the Warehouse issue tracker.

Adding a newly completed translation

Weblate will automatically add commits to a pull request as translations are updated.

When a translation reaches 100%, it should be added as a known locale and have it’s MO file (Machine Object file) compiled.

To add a new known locale:

  1. Check for outstanding Weblate pull requests and merge them if so.
  2. In a new branch, add a key/value to the KNOWN_LOCALES mapping in warehouse/i18n/ The key is the locale code, and corresponds to a directory in warehouse/locale, and the value is the human-readable name for the locale, in the given language.
  3. Compile the MO file for the locale by running make build-mos. This may recompile some existing MO files as well, but should add a new MO file for the new locale.
  4. Commit these changes (including all *.mo files) and make a new pull request which adds them.